We make Software Solutions that match your passion to be the best always.
We don't just sell software, we build a relationship for a lifetime to support you as you continuously grow.

Our software lets you to do less to do more.
All our solutions are available at an affordable price.

Whether you manufacture consumer goods, foods, plastics,electronics, agarbathies, garments or even just print...

Our Solution, Destiny For SME, ensures you don't lock up valuable funds in unused inventory,have complete control over production wastages,calculate and identify the lowest possible costs and simplify your business processes. It helps you to be in Control of your business always.
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Whether you make and sell perfumes & Fragrances,or blend them to make Agarbathies & Dhoops, Soaps, Cosmetics...

You make the Perfume, Perfumer makes the price. Chemicals and ingredients price may change everyday, but still one can get accurate and instant perfume costing and stock so easily that it is like child's play.
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Nothing is more satisfying than a delicions meal,We could'nt agree more...

Special events demand special menus for every meal to delight your customers always.
Now create the best menu and automatically cost it effortlessly to always make profits with Santrupthi.
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Know who is not buying,what is not selling instantly with your Sales Team...

With Harmony the entire country is your market. The power of mobile with you always. Zero DSR data entry,yet know instantly every route and retailer’s sales. It gives you less entry, more analysis, better sales. Its just an mobile entry and one can use their voice to command it.
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Efficient, fast and simple.Service Desk management with a smile always...

With Helpdesk Be able to attend to even the most vociferous complaints promptly keeping both Customers and Service Engineers delighted.
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A smooth drive for more smiles. Have a taxi or a cab business,Or want to easily manage your own cabs...

Here is PROSPER with our complete cab operator management software. It lets the user to keep both driver and vendor record. It has also got an indent entry feature.
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Financing...big or small always have instant and easy reminders or collection...

Autofinance gives you streetwise detail lists for every vehicle that you finance. It also looks after auction, bidding, group creation, customer creation, and payment reciepts.
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